Natural Beard Oil

Grow a thicker, fuller beard with our all-natural oil.

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Why Beard Oil?

It’s hard to grow a beard when it keeps getting tangled, dry and painful.

We all know that beards are in style right now, but not all men can actually grow one because their facial hair is too brittle or too itchy to let them enjoy the full benefits of having a beard.

Barba Company has an organic blend of oils that will allow you to have a healthy and happy beard experience. Our oil softens the beard, stops itching and helps your new growth become thicker and healthier than ever before! A lot of men think a great beard just happens, wrong. Grow AND groom, Gentlemen.

  • Wooden Comb

    Durable for all tyes of travel and you can even fit this little guy in most (dudes) pants.

  • Barba Beard Co.

    We don't just have the best beard oil, we also know how to take care of your face.

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  • For any beard

    Whether you're at home all day typing away on your laptop or out in the field with a spade, our beard oil will keep it healthy and hydrated.

All-Natural Oils

Our oil is perfect for keeping your facial hair healthy and hydrated, while also providing a masculine scent that will last all day. Made with only the finest natural oils, our beard oil is a must-have for anyone who wants to keep their beard looking great.

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  • Latavius Murray

    If you've watched NFL in the past 7 years, you know this beast. Fellow UCF Knight now New Orlean Saint and Drew Brees counterpart, Latavius Murray turns to Barba when he's growing out his man mane.

    Keep an eye out anytime you watch Sportscenter and know when you see 28 in the endzone, you're seeing Barba Company.

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  • Nick Shackelford

    Used and approved by Marketing and Facebook Ad Guru, Nick "Shack" Shackelford. From professional soccer to creating the Fidget Spinner boom to helping companies clear $10.7 million in sales in less than 35 days, Shack knows a good product when he see's one. If you like Frenchie's and informative bits of marketing gold, he's definitely worth a follow.

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  • Denzel Perryman

    This dude is a monster. Denzel Perryman has been laying the wood since his days with the Miami Hurricanes and now is one of the top Linebackers in the NFL. This hard-hitter trusts Barba on his beard.

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