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It's Simple: We wanted stop the beard itch

Barba Company is a line of all-natural beard care products that are created for the man who has sensitive skin underneath his beard. The company was founded by Rob Reich, a designer with itchy, dry skin under his beard. Rob found relief through regular use of organic oils and balms which led him to create Barba Company in 2018. His goal is to provide other bearded men with the same relief he once experienced while preventing them from using harsh chemicals or alcohols on their beards. In 2019, Barba Company launched its first product - a natural oil for softening facial hair and soothing irritated skin beneath it - followed by Beard Butter Balm made from shea butter, beeswax and essential oils.

We know the (beard) growing pains.

"A man without a beard is like a lion with a mane."

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