About Us

Know More About Barba Company:


Beard oils should be honest and upfront. Many beard oils claim that they are ‘healthy,’ while they actually fail to disclose the assortments of synthetic fragrance oils. These synthetic oils dry out your skin and beard, and all you’re left with is split ends, stunted growth, and compounded disappointment.


We decided to change that. Here at Barba, we revive beards and end disappointment with our natural, pure oils that are healthy for both your face and beard. We too fell victim to the marketing schemes, and we didn’t quite know the ingredients that we were even using. Instead, our beard oils are bottled by hand in our shops with clear labels of everything in that bottle.


Our mixture is specifically designed to revive your beard with dryness reduction and an end to the beard itch that has bothered men for generations. Our oil creates the perfect shine to your beard with ensuring growth to full potential. So, stop waiting for products to work that never will – keep your beard moisturized and smelling fresh all day for both you and most importantly: the one having to kiss your face.