Collection: Beard Oil

Our oil is perfect for keeping your facial hair healthy and hydrated, while also providing a masculine scent that will last all day. Made with only the finest natural oils, our beard oil is a must-have for anyone who wants to keep their beard looking great.

Why Beard Oil?

It’s hard to grow a beard when it keeps getting tangled, dry and painful.

We all know that beards are in style right now, but not all men can actually grow one because their facial hair is too brittle or too itchy to let them enjoy the full benefits of having a beard.

Barba Beard Company has an organic blend of oils that will allow you to have a healthy and happy beard experience. Our oil softens the beard, stops itching and helps your new growth become thicker and healthier than ever before! A lot of men think a great beard just happens, wrong. Grow AND groom, Gentlemen.


Why use Beard Oil? 

  • Softens the toughest Beard! Our specially formulated All-Natural Oil soothes your skin while conditioning and softening your face forest. It uses premium ingredients including Jojoba Seed oils whose natural nourishing properties soften even the toughest beards.
  • No more itchiness and irritation! All-Natural Beard Oil will soothe even the harshest of beards, so you never have to worry about unsightly flakes and itchiness ever again!
  • Clean and fresh scent! Imagine yourself in a sandalwood forest or an orange garden that’s just been doused with clean fresh dew– that’s what this oil will do for you. Just add one drop of our all-natural oil to your beard and the scent will last all day.
  • Tame that man-mane! Say goodbye to a messy beard! Restore your beard’s natural luster and keep it under control with this oil. We’ve crafted an all-natural formula packed with 7 different essential oils that will leave you feeling fresh and looking great.
  • Prompts growth and repair! All-Natural Beard Oil is engineered with the best natural ingredients that restore natural moisture, promote healthy beard growth, and repair beard hair.