Collection: Beard Kit

Taming beards can be a tricky job, but not unless you have the perfect combination between beard oil and a comb to detangle your wild mess. Barba Beard Kit comes with the perfect mix of the two to make your life exponentially easier!

Barba Beard Kit will tame your wild whiskers with the 100% natural oil that will nourish and strengthen the beard, and the comb that will untangle the most stubborn knots in the large mess on your face. The two combined will make sure the oils penetrate the skin in the best way possible, making sure your beard looks and feels its best! 

Why use it?


  • Softens and detangles! Beard care has never been easier! Our specially formulated All-Natural Oil soothes your skin while softening your beard and the All-wood natural comb ensures the oils effectively absorb into the skin and deep into the follicles to make the magic work.
  • Reduces itchiness! All-Natural Beard Oil with All-wood natural comb makes a perfect combination to give you the ideal Beard care. The warp-resistant and anti-static comb helps deliver oil effectively to nourish the beard hair and soothe the skin beneath it, and helps you get rid of all those irritating itches permanently!
  • Moisturize and strengthen! Engineered with the best natural ingredients, our beard oil offers unmatched moisturization and regular combing helps to strengthen your beard. Your beard will thank you for all those nourishments and care!
  • A gift for the man in your life! Bearded bro? Proud papa? Just got a new job? Our kit is sure to score points with your beloved beard-wearer.
  • Get 9% off! Hurry up and get the discount! Buy the Barba Beard Kit which is "oil+comb" and get 9% less than if you would buy them separately.


A Barba beard kit includes everything you need to keep your facial hair silky-smooth and looking great, from an oil designed to promote growth to a comb crafted to shape your wildest mane.


Your beard needs love too. Choose our Barba Beard Kit and put an end to beard itches, the embarrassment of unevenly grown beards, and all the discomfort that comes with having dry, coarse hair.