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How to Use Beard Oil in 5 Simple Steps

by Robert Reich 5 min read

How to Use Beard Oil in 5 Simple Steps

How to Use Beard Oil in 5 Simple Steps

Using Beard Oil the Correct Way


There is no doubt that to keep your beard looking fresh and healthy, you need to take care of it. In our previous posts, we have discussed the importance of applying beard oils and the impacts they have on not only your visage, but also the overall health of your beard.


However, to fully utilize the benefits of beard oils and our specialty formulas, the correct use of beard oil will eventually become second nature. Our mission is to ensure that you get the best experience and results from our products, to look better than ever without the fuss or worry. It’s not rocket science, it’s beard science. 


Our pure and natural Barba oils are specifically designed to revive your beard, reduce dryness and put a decisive end to the dreaded beard itch - a condition that has plagued beard-owners and put-off potential beard-owners for all of time. Beard oil generates the perfect shine to your beard, but it does not simply end with the perfect aesthetic! Barba oils stimulate growth to maximize the volume and fullness of your beard, ensuring each inch is healthy and moisturized. Our products deliver and excel, all you have to do is apply!


Before we guide you through the steps to applying your beard oil, here are some additional tips to achieve beard perfection:


A common question we receive is, “When is the best time to use beard oil?” When I wake up? When I go to sleep? Before a shower? After a shower? Make sure you apply the oil after a shower on a damp, towel dried beard. Your beard will be freshly cleaned and the steam from the shower will have opened up your pores allowing the oil to truly soak in.


Yet, the rule of thumb applies here that less is more. Before you apply your beard oil, check for the recommended dosage for your type, length and thickness of beard. Of course, every beard is unique and requires unique treatment, therefore, it might take a few attempts before you find what works best for you and your beard. If you live in a more humid climate, you will typically use less drops, while dry climates require more. Test, experiment, and find the perfect amount for you, patience is a virtue!


Time matters, and the key to your optimal beard maintenance is to know how often to use your beard oil. Again, no beard is the same, so it is impossible to generalize the answer, but typically a shorter beard requires less oil than a longer one, and less frequently. Aside from that, your skin type also plays a vital role in using beard oil. If you are prone to have dry skin, do not be afraid to use an extra drop of oil to moisturize your skin. Conversely, for oilier skin, do not overdo it and use more oil than necessary!


They say, “A good start is halfway to success.” You got your Barba beard oil? Well you are already halfway there! We know applying beard oil might seem very straightforward, but trust us, applying it correctly makes all the difference.


Step 1 – Pouring the Oil


Our oils come with a unique dropper that makes the application and measurement a walk in a park. You will know you are using the correct amount each time and wasting none! Make sure to pour the right amount of oil on your palms and spread it evenly across your hand.


Step 2 – Start from the Roots


To ensure the oil gets to all the right places, start by rubbing the oil into your skin and the roots of your beard, slowly working your way evenly across your beard. We want consistency and to ensure that all parts of your beard are evenly treated, work the oil across, with the grain, and all the way to your skin using your hands!


Step 3 – Brush It Down


Once you feel that the oil is spread out evenly, start by brushing the sides down with your palms before brushing the front with the same method.


Step 4 – Work with It


We know you just carefully brushed it down and through, but in order to spread the oil as evenly as possible, you must use your hands to work. Fluff your beard, working from the bottom upwards to spread the oil onto all of the hair. Splay your fingers and work your hands through the fullness of your beard to ensure that your roots, skin, and the bottom of beard is covered.


Step 5 - Style


This is where your creative side can make an appearance and make your beard your own - unique and personalized. Use a touch of oil to coat your mustache, shaping it to your liking. You can also try using specific styling tools such as brushes or combs. These are must-haves for true beard lovers as they make our lives much easier. Using brushes not only makes your beard look fuller, neater, and more put together, but it once again prevents ingrown hairs and encourages continuous growth and maintenance.


Start by working your comb from the bottom of your beard and working your way upwards with the comb teeth facing upwards. After you have completed the first separation, turn your comb teeth downwards and brush through your beard from your cheeks down.


Here at Barba, we offer a specialized comb to ensure that the oil is distributed correctly and allows you to bring all of the hair into alignment. Styling and detangling are a necessary part of each day to aid with beard growth, prevention of ingrown hairs, and creates a fuller look. Our wider teeth allow for easy flow and help to glide through your beard for comfort, effectiveness, and more time for morning coffee.




Well, now you have all the tips and tricks for the best-looking beard. So, what are you waiting for? For our beard connoisseurs, go and explore our beard oils! Our products contain natural, specially chosen ingredients that host antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and moisturizing properties from nature’s superstars. For those in the process of growing your beard, Barba oils help expedite the process with our triple-threat approach: hydrate, nourish, and shine. 


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